Projects that are using NFTpay

Tuttle Tribe
The Tuttle Tribe is a collection of 3,050 NFTs. As a tribute to Julia Tuttle, the mother of Miami, we honor the only major US city that was founded by a woman.

The NFT serves as a membership pass to Web3 Equity's educational community, including free IRL + virtual learning, discounts to conferences, coding bootcamps, academies and more.
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The world’s 1st cryptocomic, 1860 hand-drawn, randomized Emissaries enter the battle for the soul of the metaverse.
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Crypto Gala

The Miami Tech and Crypto community and the beautiful people of Miami will be posh for the Crypto-Gala event at Le Rouge. Revel and rejoice among the world-shakers and influencers of the Crypto world. 

Each sponsor ticket sold will generate an NFT that you will be able to keep, trade, and collect.

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22 Percent 
An NFT Project that saves lives. A collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles distributed on Ethereum and Solana that aim at creating awareness about the biological heterogeneity of our society and support charities through transparent donations.

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HODL Hands
HODL Hands is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs – living on the Ethereum blockchain. The artwork symbolizes unity, strength and resistance through the raw form of the clenched fist.
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FKN Rich Shark Club
By joining FKN Rich Shark Club you are gaining access to an Elite Network of Entrepreneurs Worldwide. On top of the NFT you will receive 1 of only 10,000 Rich Metal cards powered by Visa. 
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Elysium Club
Owning a piece of our collection is like owning the right to live a new life: clean, modern, sharp, exciting. It is a blank slate, a clean chapter, welcoming and beaconing to all those who need it.
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